Saturday, February 4, 2017


Is it me?  Or is wool different nowaday compared to say the 70s and 80s?

I used to hate wearing wool socks in the winter.  Too scratchy.  Now, it's a highlight of the season.

My Navy issue watchcap of 1987 seemed scratchy, too.  Compared to a 2015 version of same acquired from the Navy Exchange. 

And sweaters?  Another sea change.

Is wool different now?  If woven wool pants could be machine washed it'd be all I'd own.  Is Vietnamese wool textiles from Chinese sheep just better, or is the good stuff out of reach to me in the 80s now cheap enough that they don't bother with the lesser wools?  Or is my old-man skin just less sensitive to itch?

At any rate, I like it. 


Tim said...

Is a pure wool or is it a blend with another fabric?

Bob said...

The latter.

Effects of ageing on touch"

Mike V. said...

I was a cotton sock guy until about 10 years ago when I heard about the advantages of merino wool socks. I'd never heard of merino wool before but now that's all I wear year round. I remember the scratchy wool of my youth and merino ain't it.

Old NFO said...

I think it's both a better weave and combination with other fabrics.

The Neon Madman said...

I bought a couple pair of 100% merino wool socks for an Alaska canoe trip a couple of years ago. Holy cow. These are now my go-to socks for when I want to be warm in the fall and winter. Don't want to wear them all the time, but when you want your feet to be warm these will put any synthetics to shame.