Saturday, October 7, 2017

All the dang conspiracy theories


I don't frequent those sights but they seep up everywhere even if you try to avoid them.

I don't think the Vegas shooter was directed by the Illuminati.  That's stupid.

I don't think this was a false flag and no one got killed, that this was all staged by Halliburton or whatever.  That's stupid.  Er.  Stupider.

What makes all these crazy theories worse is the lack of info from the dude that had little online foot print.  If he had a facebook account that talks about the beta waves emanating from the plumbing fixtures or how socialism is grand and vote Bern, or something about an Aloha Snackbar, people would put the shooter into a convenient little cubby hole.

But if he is any of those thing we don't know.

Somewhere there is a law enforcement type that does know.  Or knows a whole lot more.  Details.  Normally, this dude through his department releases info to the public in some form through Public Relations or what have you.  That isn't happening.  Why?  I can think of reasons.  Reasons that aren't all Illuminati.

  1. He's seen the stuff, knows a lot more and is going "WTF?!  This is so damn weird.  What COULD we tell folks, really?  This is too strange.  It's gonna take a while to make sense of this guy."
  2. Oh crap.  He is Muslim.  We better not release that info for a while to avoid another backlash against the community like last time (I know, I know, what last time?..)  Or something to that effect.
  3. There is information about co-conspirators that need to be tracked down and followed up on to avoid queering that person's prosecution.
  4. Another similar but unnamed innocuous reason.

Still.  I think withholding details at this point is being counter productive, but I'm not Mr. Detective person in charge of this whole shebang.  It don't matter what I think.

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