Thursday, October 5, 2017

Fortified his Support

Of the Second Amendment.

Of course it did.  Rep. Scalise understands it.  Despite being shot, he understands what the 2nd Amendment means.

You know, you can get your buddy Paul Ryan to bring up the Reciprocity Bill, for a vote, Mr. Majority Whip.  If that law had been in effect before your shooting, staffers that live in Maryland or DC and work in DC and go to Baseball practices...  More people may have been legally armed, apart from the security detail, when a crazed Democrat showed up to murder folks.  More people shooting back at the bad guy might have meant fewer innocents injured.   You might have avoided all your painful tribulations entirely in that case.

Talk to Paul Ryan, Steve Scalise.  Tell him what's what.  Give us people you represent, who don't have security details, a fair chance against Evil like that Bernie-bro fellow.

"But all the CCW in the world wouldn't have stopped the Vegas shooter, he was too far away."

No he wasn't.  Not from guys like Chris Bethel. Him or someone like him might have intervened before the cops got there, if armed.  If the hotel wasn't a gun free zone, that is. We don't know.  But it's not outside the realm of possibility.

added:  (Huh.  The mere arrival of the maybe-armed maybe-not security guard may have ended the killing.  That's good.  Good job, House Dick. Warning:  graphic picture at bottom of this informational link.)

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