Tuesday, October 31, 2017

It's been a month

WTF happend in Vegas?  You are not being forthright.  WTF?!

This whole thing is still very weird.  AND they are being close-lipped about what little they DO know.  I don't think this is Jihadist 5th Column work or Commies or Lizard People.  And probably not an FBI sting operation  gone wrong.

But at least tell us sheep your cover story already. ;-)

Video of the dude would be good.  Going about his nefarious ways.  Doesn't hurt to show that.  A hint of Evil, a hint of 'this is the one and only guy.'  Calm us down.

1 comment:

Ratus said...

How do we know it's not Lizard People?

The guy that keeps trying to sell me Colloidal silver thinks it might be the Lizard People.