Monday, October 9, 2017

ICE Qual

New to me term.

ICE Qualification.   A course of fire done in what is essentially a square range.  Very little footwork.

Never hear of it before this weekend.  Draw and fire test give to LEO and security types.

It came up because we did some point shooting training in the simulator.  Years of focusing on the front sight, maybe now is the time to learn a bit more about shooting without using the front sight.  At least for targets that are very close.

One of my first trainers when it came to drawing and firing already showed me the 'draw, then with your elbow at the resulting 90 degrees and your wrist straight, pin said elbow to your ribs at your gig line.'

I've been dry fire drawing to that postion for a decade, and apparently I was doing it right by not angling the arm across the body.

When doing holster work with ICE quals or any other holster work remember to reholster at your leisure.  I wonder if there is a study about circumstances where a body unintentially shoot theirself, what the cirsumstance of that happenstance is?  I bet number one answer on the board is 'gun fired while reholstering...'  Number two?  I dunno...  passing your support hand in front of the muzzle?


rick said...

As a young naval officer candidate, I was taught that the gig line was where your pants, belt, and shirt all lined up near your navel. I wouldn't stand a chance in hell of putting my elbow there so I assume you mean something different?

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yer other gig lines. The outside side seam of your pants. Port and starboard.

rick said...

Aha. Now I feel dumb.

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Yeah, it rarely came up, the side one, unless someone was yelling at you for your form standing at Attention. The front one was the PRIMO gig line.