Saturday, October 14, 2017

Bipartisan Tyranny

I was of the opinion that gun rights should be supported by both parties.  It is a bipartisan issue.  It profits not the Democrats at the ballot box, being for gun confiscation schemes.  In fast it arguably almost always hurts them.

So in some misty future the Dems decide to stop supporting gun control and the NRA can go back to being bigger on the shooting sports instead of the lobby sports...

Well, if the issue becomes that uncontroversial then wouldn't 'common sense gun safety' items might pass much easier?  "No one likes bump stocks, left or right, pro or anti-gun.  Statistically speaking.  Might as well ban them... We're all pro gun but heck!"

That snowball could roll and roll down the mountain.  And there would be nothing to stop it, having shut down the gun advocacy organs long before it got to rolling. 

My passimism might not come to pass.  I may be willing to risk it just to see a world where it's not a political football to move around.

More metaphors!

Maybe later.


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