Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Two Gun T-Bolt

Now I am not talking about my junk.  Jeez.

I don't this will, or should EVER, pass, but...  hypothetical...

If they passed a law saying you can only have two, AND they somehow convinced you that this was the way to go...  We all agree with it!  In this hypothetical.   Which two guns do you keep?

It would go a ways to destroying the gun culture.   Collectors drive a lot the industry and, more importantly, the interest.  Which is by design.  Kill the culture, a ban later is easier.  And keeping track to be sure of compliance with 'just two' means a database.  Registration.  Which will make confiscation simpler.  When the cops come to some people's houses they will no longer need to bring a tractor trailer.  One man can carry both you two guns out.

"You just have these two, right."

"Yeah.... sure... just them..."

With two guns I don't even have one of each.  One pistol one rifle...  No duck hunting for me!  Full size pistol for CCW, but what about the summer time when I wear shorts and a pocket size BUG is more appropo, maybe?  Big pistol, little pistol... no rifle.  I no likee the limits.  Does .22lr weapons count against the Two-Gun limit?

The whole concept is a Libtard non-starter, unrealistic and unworkable.  So what else is new with those imbeciles...

But if you had to choose.  If you HAD to.  What do you pick?

You two favorites for sentimental value, T-Bolt?  It would suck to turn those in.  Maybe I'd give em out to folks in the family with 0 guns, to keep em IN the family.

Something to go hunting with, T-Bolt?  I'm not that enamored with hunting to need a shottie or scoped rifle.

A battle rifle, T-Bolt?  I'm getting old and creaky to be thinking I could pull off soldiering. 

You carry a J-Frame all the time, now, how bout that?  That's limitting, doncha think?

Naw, I'd prolly go for two identical 1911s.  To last me the rest of my life.  To shoot and carry and enjoy and have in an emergency.  I don't have Montana sized vistas to think about, here in the suburbs.  The 1911 has a good trigger pull if I get old man grip weaknesses...  And I'd have one gun and a spare.

But people aren't going to sit still when the gov't wants to confiscate gun 3+.  That would get noisier than they are ready for, I think.

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