Sunday, October 8, 2017

Food from the Fallout

So the game Fallout 4 takes place in Boston, 200+ years after WWIII which happened in 2077 in this alternative universe.

This applies to all the Fallout games, but lets concentrate on the latest one, in Boston.

Also in this alternate universe, the integrated circuit was never really invented.  People still use vacuum tubed in 2077.  What DID advance was all the Atoms-for-Peace stuff of the Ike years.   Fusion power is a thing.  Atomic cars no longer work, but old fusion electricity generators sure did.

When you wander around the half ruined city, devastated by a near miss to the south you scavenge buildings for food.  There is Yum Yum Devilled Eggs, Salisbury Steak, cans of Pork and Beans, even chewing gum, still around.  Plenty of it.  And you can eat it.  After 200 years.


I mean this guy tries a 50 year old C Ration and finds it dangerously inedible.

Well, it wasn't eaten 200 year ago, maybe, because lots of people died.  And, like I said, Atom for Peace.  It's a parallel universe where they might not have had qualms about gamma radiating every food item produced, thus extending the shelf life.  Plus the bombs fell, so extra radiation applied.  And parallel universe, maybe they had a better seal on their packaging so it didn't deteriorate.  Their rusty food cans weren't as bad as... our... rusty... food cans...

Oh, beer!  There is lots of beer bottle around.  I don't like 6 month old stale beer, imagine 200 years.  Yick.

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harp1034 said...

I remember C-Rations A.K.A. C-Rats well. While in Viet Nam back in 1971 I was assigned to a MP unit in Saigon. We were garrison unit and were not authorized C- Rations.
We a truck that would drive to Long Binh 6 nights week to get in line to pick up our food the next morning. I was assigned to that Mess truck for over 4 months. There 2 of us. The other was E-5 and in charge. I was E-4. My first morning I noticed that we would not get to eat breakfast. The 2nd day I saw some C-Rats sitting on a pallet away from the other foods. I told my partner " This not eating breakfast is crap for the birds and I ain't no bird. I saw some C-Rats. I can get us some if you'll back the truck back up.
He asked where where the C-Rats. I said back there. So he went to take a look. When he came back he told to go stand by the C-Rats and throw a case on when he backed up. When he did I said to myself one case Hell, I am throwing two cases on. From that time on we had C-Rats for breakfast.