Thursday, October 19, 2017


Not a single firearm discharged in the movie, I am pretty sure.

But there is a LOVELY pile of Dreyses in it.  Police confiscations, or found abandoned in the Rathskeller after a raid.

1931.  Fritz Lang.  German cinema was at a high point in the Weimar era.  Same guy did Metropolis.

They speak of the Depression that was in their past.  Meanwhile, Hoover was still screwing up and FDR was waiting in the wings to come and pretend to do something and REALLY make the Depression 'Great'.  Even hyper inflation Germany was looking at us funny when our economic distress dragged on and on.

It's all in German with sub-titles, tho, be warned.

It's about that lout Peter Lorre.  He kills little girls.  And they dance around what he does to his child victims before killing them.  Kinder Morder!

So bad that the underworld of criminals bands together to try to hunt him down.  Also featured in this movie, a Beggar's Guild.  It hands out assignments to the membership so they don't tread on each other's territory for the day.

Lorre was a bit chubbier here than later in The Maltese Falcon

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