Monday, October 23, 2017

Monday Blahs

So just gonna riff here.

While my shoulder was at its worst I still did some Simulator training.  Sam has plenty of things to teach, and he can work around some mobility issues.  And home invaders and other assorted bad guys aren't gonna postpone til I feel a bit better before putting extra holes in them.

So, been doing some 'point shooting' style training.  Which he wouldn't do if he hadn't ALREADY done a bajillion sessions on trigger pull and front sight focus.

It's an extra club to add to the bag.

There's also some one handed shooting and weak hand shooting possibilities.  The only drawback for that is the drawbacks for all simulator training.  No noise and recoil management.

When point shooting is going well that is some of the funnest training ever.  Point your 'finger' target gets hit.  Again and again.


Guns that interest me right now.  And by interest I mean 'hey, I could buy'

A 1911 that shoots this:

(Bonus:  they often have a second barrel and shoot 9mm.  The .22 TCM would be interesting, the 9mm would be useful)

This pistol:

(Probably in 9mm?  This would be useful)

And this rifle.  Well, a new one custom made.  I know a guy.  He might find it fun.  A good gunsmith has a backlog of work you gotta wait for.  But if something is fun it can sometimes jump the queue.  Not that I'm in a hurry.

(Prolly need a donor gun to sacrifice. LEFTY.  This would be interesting.) 


Marty said...

Do eeeet...

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Which one? All three?

Joe mama said...

I have the TCM single stack Commander. You can use 38 Super mags for it (Tripp Research - holds 10) so you aren't stuck with the proprietary ones if there are problems.

c-90 said...

Repro being made.