Monday, October 2, 2017

Wrenn case, at DC Circuit

This could be good news for Shall Issue.

Or it could be bad news.

It all depends how justice Kennedy feels that day.  Or Justice Roberts.

With Gorsuch it will probably get cert.  But who knows, later.  Got five?  I know you got four but this is important.

Or the reciprocity law might render it nigh moot.

I know which side is right and should win, but that doesn't mean I am that confident.  A loss sets us back 25 years.  May Issue becomes settled law if they rule wrong.  That threatens some of you in Shall Issue state.  Look to Virginia to switch.  Or Pennsylvania.  Then what?  Both states are slowly getting political dominated by liberal suburbs and near-urbs, and from Soros/Bloomberg donations.  It's nothing to make Maryland more oppressive, but they want to get gun friendly states to switch.  Get their momentum back, finally.

Yeah, that's a half empty glass alright.

But if they get stopped, here, at Wrenn... That will be the end of the beginning in this long struggle.

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