Monday, July 13, 2020

Daily Deaths, US

Ooops!  Death rate clicked up from the WuFlu.

Now you show symptoms after exposure in 5 or 6 days, but you die of it 4-6 weeks later, ifn you are gonna die from it.  So, coincidentally, 4-6 weeks ago was when mass riots got going. 

"But what about all the re-openings, T-Bolt?"

Didn't a bunch of those re-openings start happening long before the riots?  I guess people are more careful at the barber than they are yanking down a statue of James Madison or Frederick Douglas.


Miguel GFZ said...

The reopening started in Mid May and it is now mid July.
Not the piles of bodies in the streets that were announced back then.

Marty said...

Today there were Zero deaths from Covid in NYC for the first time since March. This even though the number of Identified cases has skyrocketed.