Wednesday, July 29, 2020

Miami Shootout

I didn't know there were clips on YouTube for In the Line of Duty, 1988.  Not to be confused with In the Line of Fire  1993.

I feel like I would have seen this, back then.  I would have been in military school, and the TV lounge was a handy diversion from the day to day.  But I have no memory of this show on NBC.  Prolly watching Star Trek; The Next Generation, instead. 

Alex Keaton's Dad playing a gun enthusiast two years before Tremors.  Heh.  Glad you went from crook to survivalist Burt, Gummer.

It's a 1988 dramatization, made for TV.  And they seems to try adhere to actual events as much as one can be hope for from a movie of that vintage.  You know.  Post Miami Vice.  Some glaring factual exaggerationa, yes.  And some eye-rollingly so.  But the arc seems to at least be trying to adhere to actual facts.

The shootout seems crowded.  But there were two perpetrators and 10 FBI guys.  That's a lotta players to keep track of during the action scene.

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Mike V said...

2 of the agents arrived toward the end, others went down early. To make it more interesting, it happened in front a day care; and local LEOs arrived while the gunfight was still happening. They didn’t engage because they couldn’t tell who was who. Some nearby thought it was filming for Miami Vice and ignored the gunshots.

The FBI couldn’t admit their tactics sucked so they blamed their ammo.