Sunday, July 19, 2020

I don't know why I thought of these

Rubber over boots or galoshes or what have you.  Specifically, with that particular buckle type.

Younger, I remember them being ubiquitous.

Maybe they were the same type the army used, and used for many decades.  So discharged draftees and folks that shopped for bargains at the Army Navy Surplus store would have had them, and they'd be used infrequently enough on snowy day in Maryland that they'd last forever and mostly be ready to go in everyone's coat closet.

My dad volunteered for the military to avoid getting drafted.  So did his older brother.  Most of their contemporaries did.  But they were older, or old enough that neither the Korean nor Vietnam wars entered into it.  We had not fathers about that were war veterans in my neighborhood.  Homebuyers in  my new development were in that sweet spot age group between the conflicts.  Though grandfathers were sometimes WWII vets.

Anyway, that style of galoshes that used to be the only thing available, now is kinda hard to find, but there is a plethora of other options.

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