Monday, July 27, 2020

Now this just bugs me

Don't drink this version of Everclear, the denature will inhume you:


That price difference bugs me.  55 buck for a gallon, and for 1/11th of that more, $60, you can get 4 liters.

But a gallon is 128 ounces,  so four liters in opunces, based on the price difference, should be...  139.6?  Nope.  135.25ish.

You are being cheated out of a gill.  Buy Imperial.  ANSI.  Whatever.

And this is a lab supply place.  People buying this stuff are often lab type people.  Smart chemistry and math types that can do the conversions in their head.

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Doug Hornby said...

If your buying a true imperial gallon, it will be 160 fl oz. Not that teeny weenie 128 oz we used to laugh at as kids. Oh the number of American drivers I have met who wondered what we put in the gas we sold that gave them such better mileage.
My Favorite story was a newish truck and camper, I was filling, checking the oil, washing the mirrors and windows and asked the driver why all the Jerry cans strapped into holders around the camper. I have laughed for years at his reply "Son, do not ever think that a full professor from a major University is smart, I am on my way to Alaska (formidable trip in the 60"s), looked at a map, not many towns or cities, so being prudent (stupid as a rock), I have 3 cans of drinking water and the rest are for gas. I didn't think that the map (US printed) one page for Canada and each state had it own page) had this many people and cities.
I have since come to trust his word on the "smartness" of College/University leaders, Professors, and in too many cases their students. Higher Education seems to make you dumber. Right Cliff?