Friday, July 24, 2020

Oh and what if Three Gorges goes

And it floods the whole lower Yangtze Valley?

Well, what is made in that Valley that is exported here?  What will all those surviving distressed and displaced Chinese need and will no longer be able to supply for themselves?

Well, Wuhan is there.  I guess we'll have to make our Pandemic virus next time if that dam bursts,  But there is also a lot of pharmaceutical companies there.  Nanking and Shanghai, further down river.  More pharmaceuticals, electronics, steel, chemicals, machine manufacture, and a lot of trade facilities linking China to the world.

So buy food and medicine.  More, I mean.  OTC stuff you might need and still not be around in stores, still, in 18 months. 


McChuck said...

Nice dam you got there. Be a shame if something happened to it.

Beans said...

Strange how thousand-year old structures still stand in China, but modern construction has a life of 10-20 years. Almost as if the modern Han Dynasty isn't as good as the old, real Han Dynasty of the past.