Thursday, July 9, 2020


Been reading some Dan Mitchell.  When I am to home.  Work's proxy servers don't like some web platforms and wordpress is one of them.  I should be working, not reading blogs, anyway.

Anyway, reasonable libertarian.  Which, from my experience, are different from the Big 'L' Libertarians.  Big Ls often strike me as nuttier than a rodeo turd.

Enjoying Mitchell's stuff.  Both on how racist gun control is.  And the great universal utility of increasing economic freedom.  Cursory checks suggest he is not stark-raving mad.  And may not be mad at all.  He'd never get a job at Reason, tho.  If he smokes weed he sure don't qvetch about it.

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McChuck said...

Small "l" libertarians are the little sister we like and want to protect from the big, bad world.

Big "L" Libertarians are the nut with a sign on the street corner.