Saturday, July 25, 2020

That's a MIGHTY list

Of companies hostile to our rights

Lotta work in that

I dunno if I can avoid them all, but I do what I can.

Some companies I do business with because I am more of a drain on them than a positive.  Bank of America.  They move my money around, but I don't pay them fees or interest on loads or nuffin.  They get a tiny bit from whatever slice of interest they keep on the balance in my account.  But it's just checking.   A bill paying device.  I ditched their credit cards and home loans in the W administration. 

A whole lot of this list is stuff I wasn't patronizing anyway.  I'm not getting a Pepsi at the KFC these days.  So, I adhere to most of this without even trying.  Burger King is straight trash.  Gateway Computers is STILL AROUND?

But it's harder for me to avoid Comcast, Microsoft, and Paypal.

1 comment:

Beans said...

Some you just can't get around. Others? Like 'Beyond Meat' and such? Seriously? Who cares?

Beyond Meat? You know what's beyond meat? The ketchup bottle, that's what!