Thursday, July 2, 2020


The trigger is different.

After months and months of striker fired trigger work, I went back to a 1911 trigger.

And stank up the joint.

My first round was great, then old habits, and it took to the end of a boxof ammo before I got my mojo back a little bit.  The point I usually and opening up groups with fatigue.

First two magazines at the head.  Low and right.

Thirst at center, was just right.  Didn't shift to the centerline until I got a hold of myself.  But pretty lousy, all told.

No malfs.  1196 rounds since I built the gun.  Did a detail strip around round 450 to adjust the disconnector fit.  I guess it sorta was cleaned then.  I lube as needed, and it needed it after the long break.  The gun is filthy.  I need to clean it.

Never malfunctioned, though, in almost 1200 rounds.

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