Wednesday, July 15, 2020

Future Shock

The pace of technological improvement is dizzying.  And sometimes a body wants to push pause to better grow accustomed.  I would have been fine with one or two more decades of putting a quarter in a payphone, for instance.  Sure, this device that takes decent pictures, summons cabs, plays recorded music or radio programs, gives me driving direction, and communicates with ANYONE in the world for like $70 a month?

But I still type letters to people on an actual typewriter.

I don't have to stuff checks into envelopes for bills anymore.  But I will be damned if I don't make them MAIL me the bills, still.  If I set up auto pay they will auto drain my account.  Or that has been my irrational fear.

One thing that does appeal to Luddite side, by using the high tech side?  I banged my door switch on my refrigerator.  Now it doesn't light up when I open the door without fiddling.  25 years ago I'd have to call someone.  I have no idea how to fix that.  But the internet does.  A bit of searching with the model number written down on the back of an envelope (from my bills) and I find this guy.

More importantly?  There is a how-to video with it.

Not hard, right?  One minute fix... tool required: putty knife.  I am tentative because of I don't know what to force or pry to get the part out, and that fear would paralyze my action.  But once you see it once... 

So can we go back to 1970 partly, and partly 1985, but with all the good stuff of 2020. Well, 2019, nothing good has happened this year.

I'm being irrational again, aren't I?

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Marty said...

Gotta love Youtube for stuff like that.