Sunday, July 26, 2020

Hand Saniboozer?

A commenter mentions a possible substitute for the lack of hand sanitizer:

"Everclear is available, and smells better than most other alcohols. Kind of hard to beat 75% (150 proof) alcohol."

Everclear is available in some places.  But like 11 round magazines you can't buy it in Maryland.  And the prohibition of both was done at about the same time.  And before you go on about how my state suck (tho it does):

"The sale of the substance is also banned in the District of Columbia, Virginia, West Virginia and Pennsylvania, meaning the next closest place Needham can purchase Everclear is in Delaware."

And here you thought Prohibition ended in 1933...

I have to check on the veracity of this, but, Maryland banned 190 proof booze.  What if 189 proof booze was made?  Maybe I spoke too soon. 


ASM826 said...

Beans said...

Yeah, well, all of those things are illegal only if The Man finds you with them.

Like someone I know doesn't have an unregistered full-auto weapon or two, or a case of dynamite (that he doesn't have nor religeously turns over while keeping it in a cool, dry location...)

What The Man doesn't know won't hurt him, until the right time, of course.

Ygolonac said...

Ahh, Everclear. For quite a while the full-bore 190-proof was only available in Washington State with a prescription. ( I discovered this in an article about how some dumbass kid slugged back a full fifth - kinda doubt she had a scrip - before going to school and then getting taken off for alcohol poisoning.

So, I may have entertained the notion of announcing that, since I was about to make a roadtrip to Montana, bottles of "Cleverbear" might come back with me, at cost, for legal-drinking-age folks. (innocent whistling)

Theoretically, I may have acquired the better part of a case, and perhaps only two people stiffed me, for one bottle each.

One might assume that I'm still working my way through said bottles, because it's bloody useful for cleaning electronics, removing permanent marker, and such pursuits.

Closing in on 12 years since that supposedly occurred. And for years now the full-strength has been available in WA.

"Oh hey, I forgot to get disinfectant gauze wipes. Guess this will do..."