Monday, February 25, 2008

Planetoid of the Monkey People

In my convalesence on the Death Sofa (like a Death Bed, but not so dire) I caught a movie or two. One was the 1968 classic, World of Sentient Simians. And there is a gun or two in the movie that caught my eye. (and I probably shouldn't refer to them as Monkeys, less I incur the wrath of a particular librarian. or even another librarian.)

They are prop guns, naturally. But even before I did some cursory internet information searches I could tell that the rifle was at least based on the M1 Carbine. I could see the bolt and slide, and the well for a magazine is only big enough for Carbine size rounds.

Rifles used in closeups were functioning, had a nice wooden, black, 'after-market' stock. They were painted black and it made them look like they were made out of metal. Rifles that weren't used or in closeups were much cruder looking, relfecting a less refined "Ape" industrial base, perhaps? But you can still see the roots of the M1 there. For such 'primitives' they sure picked a sound design.

Here is the 'functioning' rifle stock, without the Carbine parts, like the barrel and receiver, etc.

Keep yer hands offa my rifle, you damn dirty ape!

I mean, excuse me. Who am I to judge what 2 consenting hominids do in the privacy of their own Motel Room? Carry on. Love is beautiful.


Breda said...

I have evolved, dammit!

New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

I dare say that the Librarian is the most eveolved member on the faculty of the Unseen University.

Turk Turon said...

How many post-apocalypse movies did Heston make? He was in the one with Rosalind Cash, where they were, supposedly, the Last Man and Woman on Earth, and they filmed a love scene where the two of them were never within arm's reach of each other. Too sensitive a subject for the 1960's. The Omega Man, wasn't that it? Recently remade with Will Smith?

Good post!


New Jovian Thunderbolt said...

Don't forget Soylent Green!

"Oh. My. Gooooddddd. It's people! Soylent Green is PEOPLE!"

Turk Turon said...

Of course! How could I forget Soylent Green!? Edward G. Robinson's last movie, too. What a way to end on a high (camp) note!