Wednesday, April 30, 2008

BAG Gun Review

Why did I select this rifle?

Well you know my ammo simplification philosophy. I try to keep commonality to the calibers so you have as few varieties as possible. And this is the companion piece to the S&W 686 .357 revolver.

It's a carbine. I don't have much in the way of short rifles and I wanted to correct that.

Alphecca likes them and gave a glowing review and that put the bug in my head. I FOUND Kim DuToit's site researching the 1894c and he gave them a glowing review, too.

If I ever take a girlfriend shooting, or a youngster, or just a n00bie, it's a good step up from a .22 and not as intimidating as a Garand.

It's classic olde-timey styling is less scary to the great unwashed legions of hoplphobes. Wood stock, looks like the guns seen in westerns. So it can't be dangerous if favorite old actors used it. Like Roy Rogers! (I miss the Double-R burger at his fine eating establishments...) If the SHTF and Katrina style flooding hit Silver Spring, folks might panic less to see me carrying this gun around compared to carrying around a black scary rifle. See? Not scary is it?:

And walnut is pretty.

Ash, from Army of Darkness was able to beat back an undead horde and a Super-Witch with something similar, and the gun showed it's ability to knock undead assailants 20 feet backward on impact. (well it certainly was a lever gun of some type. it might have been like the lever action shotgun the Terminator used in T2 Judgement Day) That HAS to be true, and that is DEFINITELY good. (What?) Anyhoo, a proven zombie slayer.

(Clattoo Verata Nicto, baby.)

It wasn't too expensive.

I can shoot it at indoor gun ranges that only take pistol calibers.

I can mount a scope on it, as it has the holes tapped for that already. Even an EOTech Red-Dot scope. On a lever gun. That would look wonderful.

It's a John Moses Browning design, and I like the man's work.

Not bad.

And luckily, the one I got shoots like a dream, here at 50 yards:

I am pleased.


Anonymous said...

As you already know, you have completely sold me on the notion of matching a carbine with a handgun for ammo cross over.

I want carbines now in the following cals:

.45 ACP
.357 mag
.44 mag

I already have several matched sets in .22LR.


Unknown said...

"Shop smart, shop S-mart!"
"Good, bad, I'm the one with the gun!"

Ah, great flick. Sweet rifle, I want one now!

The Customer said...

Unfortunately I think even if it does fall our way, nothing will change for us in the communist state of Maryland as with many other states. New York politicians might have a little bit to worry about though.