Tuesday, February 7, 2012

No Sling Points? What Now?

One of the bad things about a Model 11 shotgun is there is no sling on it.  Boo!  Its one of the only things I dislike about it.  Getting it into a tree stand is a dog's breakfast at best, with paracord tied pull ups from the ground.

I don't like that.  There is an alternative that I do kinda like. H/T Uncle.

With this I can walk to a stand in the dark and have my extra stuff there in the pack part.  Of course, I'd not have a shell in the chamber.  Extra stuff?  Like the cleaning gear, and extra warm clothes and an energy bar.  Just need the camel back reservoir to be insulated so I can bring coffee.  With a headband mounted light my hands would be free to do anything.

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Jim said...

I've rigged some workaday shotguns with a simple dodge. A standard QD swivel mount goes on the buttstock. The sling is a nylon web strap with a slit forward. You slip the slit over the barrel and attach the other end to the QD mount.

(If neatness counts a guy can use a piece of hot iron to burn an appropriate size hole in strap in lieu of the slit. And if the front end wants to slide up and down the tube objectionably, you can tame it with a wrapping of Gorilla tape.)

...undertanding that you may not want to uglify a nice classic like the Model 11 this way.