Monday, February 6, 2012

Today at National Review

VerBruggen takes Bloomberg, and his histrionics, to task.  Halfway decent takedown

My quibbles with the metrocon? 

" a fair number of crime guns seem to come from private sources, and it’s not unreasonable to ask someone who wants to transfer a gun to drive to a licensed dealer first."
Sheesh.  For Crom's sake, we can't have anything not be under the purview of the gummint's watchful eye.  Especially when it's irrelevant and the sub 2% range.  A fair number come from private sources when it comes to "stolen from family members" and "bought from a fence."  Something banning private sales will obviously not fix. 

The commenters tear into this ostensibly gun-friendly upper-crust city-folk (or at least that is the impression he is trying to cultivate for himself with this.) 

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