Monday, February 13, 2012

We need our own PSA

We need an education campaign.  A gunnie PSA.  That would be a valuable use of NRA dues dollars. 

Our opponents, 2 decades ago, successfully conflated semi-automatic firearm, and MACHINE GUN DEALING DEATH IN THE DAYCARE!  Now, the general public is still cruising on auto-pilot, automatically assuming the simple semi-auto is a true automatic whenever the term is mentioned on the newsradio they listen to whilst driving their auto.

A nice friendly commercial.  "Officer Friendly has one.  He carries it on his hip everywhere to protect you from bad guys.  Grandpa carried one in the war.  No not the grandpa that fought on those god forsaken islands.  The grandpa that ran the PX for the Army Supply division in Hackensack New Jersey.  Magnum PI had one.  And most everyone that ones 3 guns has one.  The nice lady next to you in the grocery store in a Carry-Friendly state?  She probably has one, too.  It's the semi-automatic.  Also known as a 'pistol' or 'rifle'.  It is not a machinegun. A pistol 100 years ago was a revolver.  Wonderful old school guns.  The 20th Century pistol is the Semi-Automatic."

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Hat Trick said...

And for the 21st Century too.