Tuesday, February 21, 2012


Well they unblocked blogspot and untightened the throttling of the internet at work.  I guess higher up bosses were a bit bored or had their own blogs to follow.  Good good.

Been feeling under the weather.  I thought is was just sympathy symptoms for Paltrow, but a bad case of Grippe or Krupe or summat was going around the office.

If it was the Contagion movie virus, I'd be dead now.  But I ain't dead.  Put your shovels back in the shed.

It made me miss out on Range Day, tho.  Dang.

Did my taxes.  I have my withholdings dialed in so that I only get back $580.  While it's nice to get a $3000 tax refund, I'd rather hold onto most of my money than let the gummint do it for me.  Of course I have to get back SOME refund.  It would rankle to have to write a check even for $4.  Anyway, not a lot there for Buy A Gun day, is it?  I should buy a stripped receiver.  Just to have it.  Easy to stash.  THAT would fit in my gunsafe, certainly.

Running on blog fumes otherwise.

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Bubblehead Les. said...

Not a lot there? I'd say NOW's the time to look for that Left Handed Ruger Scout Rifle myself. Oh sure, you'll have to pay more than $580, but at least you enough for the Down Payment.