Tuesday, January 29, 2013


It seems that liberal commentators are confused again.  David French, at the Conservative Fortnightly, calls them on it, partly.  They are attributing people that carry a gun to defend themselves, rather than rely on police protection, as anarchists that are short circuiting the governments 'monopoly on force.'  It's a blind spot and they are totally confuzzled, obviously.  Sorta like people that are against 'violence' like all violence is equal.

They are wrong.

The government doesn't have a monopoly on force.  They have a monopoly on the intiation of force.  Responding to force with force is not the same, and still within confines of the civil contract.  It is a human right, older than History.  GET that in your head, Andrew Sullivan.

Related:  And there is a world of difference between predatory violence and protective violence.  If Lefties learn ANYTHING they should learn this concept.  But they won't.  It's like describing the color orange to a person blind since birth. 

Until they can get their heads around this they should stop arguing to strip people of their civil rights.


JD Rush said...

Carrying for self defense short circuits their "you didn't build that" fetish. That, or they truly believe their lives are not worth protecting, so they project that onto everyone.

ProudHillbilly said...

And then there's that whole Supreme Court ruling about it not being the duty of police to protect individuals...