Tuesday, January 22, 2013


I got nothing.  I'm all gunstored out.  So just stream of conscious blog today.

All this push for regulations, and the good chance Maryland will pass some, has me accelerating my purchase rate.  I want to get them in before "all gun purchasers must get training and a 5 year license" is tacked onto every new purchase.  I have no idea what they will do to pre-law-passage pistols, and whether they will need licensing.  So, to gunbroker I go, to get my 'spares'.  Commander and Snubbie.  We'll see how that pans out, but waiting for a gun to appear in a shop case and then fighting my way through the line to get to it is difficult to say the least.  Gunbroker is my only option.  Not that either model is appearing even on stricter ban lists, but... like I said...  State wants to stick their nose in my business.  I wish I inherited off-books stuff.  Not so lucky there.  I know for a fact that if you stick a State cop in front of a cop terminal he can look up my name and see "AR lower, M1A, pistol A, pistol B, pistol C... and so on."  They haven't tracked Garands, 10/22s, shotguns, etc. 

I'm looking at 80% lowers.  Those are thin on the ground.  Another problem?  The webform for the one site has no encryption with the credit card info.  Does anyone know another source?  I went ahead and filled it out, and asked them to email me to share payment info, but I imagine they are quite too busy right now to get around to it.

Looks like a lot of ban lists include manufacturer names.  I know they won't include "Thunderbolt Home Armory" on that.  I wonder if that will be legal?  Heh.

And if the State tell my they are buy-back-confiscating ARs and what not, well they are only getting a lower from me.  People in New York that turn in an upper or an EOTech are foolish.  Word is, if they DO demand a buy back, that they won't even cut you a check for the value (that they decide).  You get a break on your state income taxes instead.  Bushwa.  Though some folks would never have to pay state taxes again if they turned all their stuff in and got in 90%tile of the value... (hey, someone else saw this, too.)

In Maryland, machine guns are legal.  Will they ban ARs, but not M-16s?  It'll be interesting how that works out.


azmrmacs said...

Yeah, I'm about as burned-out of this state as you are. And I've got the same excuse as most: cant' move because of the house I cannot sell. Sigh.
I've got most of what I want, other than ammo and shootin' time. Not enough ranges, or the range is too short to be effective, like the 50' range nearby.
And 340 is closed right now?

Old NFO said...

I'm betting even the NFA AR will be banned...