Thursday, January 24, 2013

If it saves

If it saves JUST one LIFE, it is worth it.

Shut the NYC subway down.  It kills more people than 'assault rifles'.

They don't NEED to have it.  People can drive to the city, or take a bus.  You don't NEED to have a subway to go to work.  I go to work with just one car, what do you need mile of underground trains before.  No one needs a 10 car subway to get to work.

The tragic events of just the last few weeks in NYC have indelibly taught us trains can cut in half small children, firefighters and policemen in a moment.  No one goes to anywhere on a subway. No one needs 10 cars to commute. End the madness now!

By the way, Gov. Cuomo...  How many bullets do you need to stop a group of home invaders/rapists if you are a 110 pound single mother?  I hope 30 rounds of medium strength .223 rounds can do the job...

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