Thursday, May 9, 2013


Chuck Shumer describes the Defense Distributed 3D printed gun as a "stomach churning" development.  He is soiling his britches because it may be undetectable. 

Well, that isn't the point of the thing.  The point of the thing is that we won't be disarmed and the latest technology makes it harder for Chuck to get his right-violating way.

If 3D printers used some sort of sintered powder or plastic/ceramic matrice that then burned away in a kiln leaving a steel 'printing' behind, and the cost of such a printer and makeshift kiln was comparable to the kind that use ABS plastic, and especially if the result was a superior metal pistol/receiver frame, then I'd be prepared to bet that Defense Distributed would have preferred to go that route. 

Give it time, I'm sure such a thing will come along.

Another alternative was a comparably priced home turnkey CNC machine that could carve out an AR lower from a billet.  The prices on those come down all the time, too.

Do you think Shumer would have a problem with a $4000 CNC machine that could make a lower or 1911 frame?  You bet he would.  He be just as stomach churned.  Good


Steve_in_CA said...

I always thought one could print with wax or a low melting point plastic. The use the "loast wax" process to cast alloy parts.

Old NFO said...

And it's been taken down by the government... No longer accessible...

Bubblehead Les. said...

Ruger uses "Lost Wax" in some of their Firearms Castings.

But Farmer Frank put up a Post the other day on "How to Make a Ye Old Skool Pipe Gun."

You know, kinda like the ones used in the Philippines during the Japanese Occupation during WW2 SEVENTY YEARS AGO!

"Stop the Signal" my Ass, Chuckie.

ProudHillbilly said...

This has had me laughing my head off. This would have come, but folks like Doomberg and Chuckie caused it to speed up so much more than if they had not demigoged the issue. And now they want to outlaw the technology. BRAHAHAHAHAH!!!!! That's worked so well for regular guns, hasn't it?!

Windy Wilson said...

Tyrants should be afraid of the people, Chuck, it's the American Way.