Friday, May 3, 2013


I used to have a thing about the search for a perfect pistol caliber carbine.

What I wanted was a new, souped up, Marlin Camp Carbine essentially.  7 rounds of .45 ACP out of a 16 inch barrel with 1911 mags.  But I entertained other ideas.

Then I relaxed and just went with an AR.  Figure that's close enough.  The gun show I bought the upper for the AR at I saw my first Marlin .45 in the wild and the price wasn't shabby.  And I put it down.

Not that I don't still have a soft spot for the genre.  Like this.  An M1 Carbine in 9mm.  Cool!

I need to get that AR rolled out and tested, this reminds me.  Better call MBtGE see if he wants to hit the range.

And in one month I am getting another stripped lower.  Just cuz Maryland.  80% lowers next year.  So there.

You know we are still allowed to buy HBAR's after the ban is in place?  So I get a tack driver full length varmint potter in a coupla years, and swap out the upper...  I guess if they catch me with a serial number bought after the ban with the wrong kind of upper on it, they can prove I violated the law of the State.   Sorta like mounting a short barrel upper on a lower with a stock before ATF says I can.  But with 2 pre-ban lowers I can pretty much do whatever they want and how would they prove it?  I guess if someone comes out with a new round in a couple years that no upper exists for now...

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Daddy Hawk said...

I knew I wasn't the only one jonesing for an updated camp carbine. KNEW IT!!! I'm beginning to think I just need to design my own.