Sunday, May 12, 2013

Minutes Away

The police aren't obligated to protect you, according to long court precedent.

And that is obvious in Trenton NJ with long response times to 911 'intruder inside the house!' calls.  Trenton is trying hard to become the next Detroit.  The difference is the much more liberalized firearm laws Michigan compared to New Jersey.  People in Detroit arm themselves legally for their own self-defense.

That would be a novel court challenge.  Some are calling for suing business owners for not taking responsibity for you after posting their property a Gun-Free zone, it would also be an idea to challenge the precedent for police not protecting individual in dire need since state laws makes taking measures for your own personal safety problematic. 

If you are disarmed by the state the state should take up the burden of defending you and should be sued for failing to effectively.

Sticky legal wicket, but a thought. 


Bubblehead Les. said...

Hmm. Sounds like a Can of Worms that needs to be opened.

Windy Wilson said...

Maybe it could first be approached in a jurisdiction where the government assumes some role traditionally handled by private entities, like housing. If I am able to keep a pistol in my apartment if the landlord were a private person, but not where the government is the landlord, there is an abrogation of rights there.