Tuesday, May 14, 2013


For decades the pro-civil rights community has been honing their arguments, and getting good at it as there are some really smart people doing in backed up by interested, principled, regular people that absorb the lessons.  We win at it, quite simply.  It has gotten to the point that anti-gun people resort to what is termed 'reasoned discourse' when they try to grasp at counter points.  They shut down debate on online forums, delete comments, take their ball and go home.


But losing the argument doesn't stop them.  Mostly, their side is all emotions.  And irrefutable truth doesn't make a dent on their emotions.  "Stop with your facts, it will not change how I feel." If we can put a dent into shutting THAT down, we will truly win.

How?  How do we counter their fear based emotional policy position?

The other side is thinking the same thing, and fortunately they are more clueless as to their root problem. 

My personal preference is for the NRA to push through a universal background check bill.  A reform of the 1968 GCA.  Get rid of the interstate sale prohibitions, get rid of form 4473 as NICS obviates the need for that 45 year old system, and dump the serial number tracking on private sales.  But require the buyer (and maybe the seller) to be NICS checked.  "MBtGE from VA is selling to TBolt in MD one rifle (pistol, shotgun, other).  Both pass NICS so the sale can proceed.  This check is valid for the remainder of the month (quarter)."  A valid CCW license would suffice for the check.   Done.  Plenty of oppurtunity for ATF to run sting ops and arrest illegal sellers or buyers.  Mandate a reasonable NICS fee.

"So, that rational solution doesn't fight the irrational anti's, TBolt" you say.  No, but it takes that tactic out of their quiver.  And it's reasonable.  Just a thought.  Pass a pro-gun bill and call it gun control the whole time.

Then we work on the other sides' emotions in some way I haven't figured out.


abnormalist said...

Easy solution

Take a liberal to the range.

Within one year we got a guy to cancel his mother jones subscription, sell his hybrid to buy a 4wd suv, and buy a pile of guns.

Two others are shooting ARs weekly.

Mind you I still identify as a social liberal, but a social liberal who carries a 45

Old NFO said...

Simple, take them through Southeast on a Saturday night... IF they survive, they'll change their tune!