Sunday, September 29, 2013


Will someone give me a holler when .22lr gets back down to somewhere close to $20 for 500 rounds again?  $80 is just too much for mere Thunderbolt

I need to shoot through all the non-coated .22 if this price plateau becomes a thing and replace it with coated/plated, better, ammo.  

I was searching for 12g 00 that I couldn't find and ended up doing an inventory of what I could find.  I have more .40 and .22 than I thought.  More ammo than I thought.  Good.  Now if I can just find the 12g...


Tim said...

Check out,
It's not always 100 but it the best way I've found to hunt ammo.
Tim Great Dismal Swamp

Bubblehead Les. said...

The Gander Mountain in Lake County Ohio was selling Remington 36-gr 525 Blocks for ....$19.99 this past Saturday.

Their REGULAR price is $24.99.

Time for a Road Trip, methinks. ; )

Travis Lerol said...

Good news for you, I've got 12ga pretty deep if you want to swap. Nice variety, pretty sure there's some 00 buck in there.