Monday, September 16, 2013

Radio Static

The radio keeps reporting the Navy Yard shooter had a Texas CCW permit.

The radio also reports the shooter had a previous criminal charge for discharging a weapon in public.

Now, correct me if I am wrong...  And assuming the reports are true...  Wouldn't a class A misdemeanor charge make you a prohibited person to purchase firearms until that due process takes its course, and, more importantly, get your toters permit pulled?

And if that rises to the level of 'yank his toters permit' wouldn't saying he has a CCW be the same as saying "T-Bolt was an elementary school student"?  Sure it is true I WAS, but it's not exactly true NOW.

update:  the charge was dismissed, so no reason to pull the CCW.  Also, the radio reported for hours that the dead shooter was a white male.  I'm confused, because this is a funny looking white dude pictured.   I await more, and accurate, information to be reported, but I better wait days...

update 2:  Hey, maybe I am the racist here!  I might have heard "Shooter is a Texan with a CCW" on the radio and assumed it meant white and male.  (cuz i'm not sure WHAT I heard now...)  I shouldn't make assumptions like that.  I apologize if this is indeed the case.  Mea culpa to black and female and black female gunnies in the great state of Texas and elsewhere.  Also sorry to the radio reports I thought reported 'white dude', where they were just studiously ignoring the inconvenient melanin content of a murderer, if that is the subconscious conclusion I jumped to. 

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Motor-T said...

A class A misdemeanor charge isn't disqualifying. A class A misdemeanor CONVICTION within the last 10 years would be.