Monday, September 23, 2013

Shooting Sport

One of the criticism of practical shooting sports is people maximize their equipment as much as possible to win the event.  They use holster and magazine holder rigs and shoot-me-first vet cover garment and what not to maximize their chance of winning the contest, that they don't use what they carry in day to day CCW,

There is nothing wrong with this.  It is a sport after all.

But it would be interesting to have a "Come as you are party."  Invite a bunch of folks that CCW and do shooting sports to what is ostensibly a non shooting event.  When they arrive, SURPISE, it's a sport shooting event with a shoot house and everything.  You only have your street clothes and your carry pistol and any reloads.  You normally appendix carry an LCP with one spare mag?  Or you pocket carry a 5 shot revolver and no reloads?  Or you have an IWB holstered 1911?  Shoulder holster with a Glock 20 and 2 mags?  That's what you compete with.  Sit at a desk in shoot house and you start when you hear a shot telling you there is an active shooter in the building.  You get points for locking doors, maybe (but aren't told these score you points...), picking up the phone to summon cops, And then work your way out of the building.  Not TOO many bad guys, and maybe just one, but lots of no-shoot targets.  Again, no idea ahead of time what you are up against.

Just a thought experiment, and its not something that can be replicated too often.