Monday, December 30, 2013

Fun Show Results

Only saw one Winchester Model 88 at the Nation's Gun Show.  It was NIB, from 1967ish, and cost $1200.   Not what I was looking for.  Than, on the way out I saw another!  But it was .243, not .308.  Dang.

I did get to see MBtGE who is recovering well from his back surgery.  And OldNFO came!  He gave me his challenge coin.  It's a poker chip style.  Very nice.  FO is starting to look like a salty grizzly bear.  I offered to help either gentleman shop for a straight razor.  They really aren't that hard to use without injury.

The show wasn't as crowded.  You could look at both sides of the aisle and there was less jockeying about to get past sections.  A coupla Marlin Camp Carbines in 9mm were seen.  A SBS KelTec KSG was seen.  A coupla Kriss Carbines.   A Colt revolver caught NFO's eye but didn't snag his money.  Odds and ends for MBtGE.  I think he bought a nice reflex sight with his phone DURING the show.  I love living in the future sometimes.

I didn't come away empty handed.  Sweet and Smoky Beef Jerky from Dakota Trail, and some Mini Mag for $20 just because it was there.

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Old NFO said...

I did go back, and howinthehell did I miss the jerky??? Sigh...