Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Range Trip

Hitted the range with MBtGE.  He had a .300 blackout upper he wanted to test out, I had further function test of my own AR before I put the carbine away for zombie emergencies and switch back to using real rifles full time again.

Next to us was an older gentleman.  Based on his accent I'd guess was a Hmong immigrant.  He was zeroing in his new-to-him Monte Carlo stocked 10/22 with a Luepold scope, and doing quite well with it. We gifted him a few .22 rounds because there was none to be had otherwise. 

MBtGE new upper was bone dry and that was a problem.  It cycled, properly, almost not at all that way, but it did eject cases, so it wasn't the gas tube.  A little oil helped.  Some.  He might need to tweak the buffer tube spring.  And EOTech took a gross adjustments to zero.  It wasn't even close to paper initially.

Last range trip I was gentle with my AR, this time I put it through the full paces and it ran flawlessly.  So that is good.  I was able to concentrate on the trigger.  It's not the best in the world.  There is noticeable creep to it.  But the trigger reset is very nice.  The results are below, the top, the 5.56 rounds are the 3 near the bull at 25 yards.  The other holes are from MBtGE suppressed and scoped 10/22.  I was aiming at those spots so as not to hide the original sight in holes.  The bottom target is at 50 yards.  A little left, huh?  That's the shooter as MBtGE's hits with my gun on his target tended to the right.

And we played with handguns, some, just to round out the day with my snubbie, a 1911, and a mag of his Glock 17 at my target here.

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JB Miller said...

It was a good day. They had .300 Blackout ammo (2box limit) but no .22LR. There was no waiting at the range. It was clear and cool and a very good day!