Tuesday, December 31, 2013

The Guns of Johnny Sakko

And his Flying Robut.

When I was a kid, there was Ultraman, and there was Johnny Sakko.  Johnny Sakko was known after for being extremely violent for a kids show, but flew under the scolds' radar.  Kids shot guns at grownups.  People died.

I hadn't seen an ep since the 70s, but through the magic of modernity, they can be rewatched now.

I went to that well for blog fodder because I remember the guns being so realistic looking.  To my young eyes.  I wanted to go back and confirm if they were Browning Hi Powers or not.

Not.  They were starter pistol revolvers and rubber duck semi autos and kluged together plastic submachineguns.  Occasionally I think I see a glimpse of what looks like a M1 Carbine or a real Colt revolver.  Probably the rest were all prop guns in mid 1960s Japan.

Though every now and then I think I see a real semi auto.  I think they only had the one as when it is out no one else has that model. It's looks small, but I think all guns on the screen look small.

Anyway, One of the sub machine gun models is this:

Look closely.  That's a bypod on there.  You'd need it too if that bulky thing was all steel.

And this one looks like someone had sticky fingers and stole it from the Man From UNCLE set:

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Honestly never saw that show...LOL