Friday, December 13, 2013

Single Stack

Everytime I have been in an area where I could CCW, and was also carrying IWB a semi auto, I found I didn't care for the thicker gripped firearms.  Double stacks just aren't comfortable enough for me.  And baseball bat gripped SIGs?  Gah.

So I was happy to see single stack .45s start to get developed more by gun makers.  It gives me other options than the venerable 1911.

But this article showed me a new detail I didn't know.  5 round magazines are standard.  Hmmm.  Hadn't considered the possibility.  Yeah yeah, the extended magazine is available but I guess I assumed they could cram more bullets into a single stack.  It's not a deal breaker, by any means, it just makes me go 'Hmmm.'

But I do like the occasionally put-upon XD line of pistols.  Mainly because I shoot them better than glocks or M&Ps.  But my pistol accuracy is improving with the 1911 a bit, and I trust that platform more now, so my casting a wary eye about may be solution looking for a problem.  I mean, I can have 5 .357 rounds in a Back Up Gun in a pocket holster. 

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Tam said...

It is hard to base one's comfort with IWB on a day here and an hour there. It is akin to making one's decision about manual transmissions by spending a few minutes in a borrowed car driving around an empty parking lot.

Picking out the right belt/gun/holster combination can take some trial and error and some acclimatization time. (And for gawd's sake buy your trousers a size larger so there's room for you and the gun in there.)

After a decade of seriously committed IWB, I prefer to carry that way even if I'm not wearing a concealing garment. It's better than having a holster outside my belt, always catching on the arms of chairs and seatbelt latches and whatnot. And you don't even notice the gun when you've been carrying for a while.

Look at it this way: If you only carried a wallet or wore a wrist watch one day every other month, it would always feel strange and foreign and uncomfortable, no?