Thursday, December 19, 2013

Winter Weather Panic

Is this an actual thing?  Do people in other states with less onerous gun laws (we couldn't do this in Maryland so much) actually clear out the shelves of their local guns n' ammo purveyors like it was so much eggs, milk, bread and terlet paper at the market, just because of a forcasted blizzard?

Tell me if you've noticed it!  That would be kinda awesome.

Where do you get to shoot these firearms after the ice storm hits?  You can't get to the range.  You are busy shovelling or hauling in firewood because the power it out.  If you are lucky enough to have a range at home, fine, but if that is you, you prolly already have a few guns and plenty of ammo in the home.  If this is someone's first firearm purchase, it still seems kinda unwise to be stampeded into such a big purchase because of a sever weather event. Admittedly, that last storm, it might have been a little rash of me to buy the 96 roll TP package, but I'll get around to using them up eventually.   And I remember dragging my feet to get a new, unbusted, snow shovel until too late that one time and the shelves were bare, but...  A pistol?  A shotgun?  It's not the first thing that comes to mind.  Being snowed in without breakfast food, yes.  Being snowed in without a gun?  Do a lotta home invasions pickup when the streets are unplowed?



Old NFO said...

Most of the crooks are too lazy to get out when the plowing isn't done...

Wolfman said...

In a world of people ACTUALLY concerned about real zombies of the apocalypse, can it even be surprising? They're all afraid that the ice storm will melt directly into A) The Road Warrior, or B) the Resident Evil franchise.

That being said, I've been told that nobody panic buys a .30-06, because a man with a .30-06 doesn't panic.

Anonymous said...

Haven't seen any ammo panic buying but of course the last 18 to 24 months probably hasn't been enough ammo on the shelves to tell the difference.

FTF is written by a Dallas resident; and we normally don't get 'winter weather' like the rest of the country. We get snow - maybe 0.5" to 2" inches every 3 years and ice a little more often. Of course, snow/ice remediation equipment isn't a high priority for most North Texans; either individuals or government wise.

So when a storm hits it is a major event. The most recent one started on Thursday night and roads were still icy the following Tuesday -- in some areas.
So I can see people buying ammo during these times; the store may be closed, your job may be closed but there is a lot of land and private and public ranges stay open as much as possible.