Saturday, October 4, 2014

African Queen

So, I am re-watching African Queen.  Classic Bogart/Katherine Hepburn flick.   Noticed something.

Bogie shaved with a straight razor.  FAST! I've been shaving that way every weekend, but Man o' Manischewitz, not THAT fast.  Wow.  You gotta watch old movie to see people that shaved normally that way demonstrate the natural way to do it. It's a bit of a lost art. Oh sure, people are shaving that way now, but they have to relearn with few people learn from from the old days. My grandfather used an electric shave when I knew him. My father used a safety razor until Trac II's came along. Which you also can't get anymore without a slime strip. Pah!


Old NFO said...

I've tried the straight razor, it wasn't pretty, but I can do it. Just NOT quickly!

Jeb Texas said...

One can still get trackII blades sans slime from amazon. They are made in Israel, and they are fairly cheap. They changed them up a bit, they don't clog up nearly as fast. Heavier beards in Israel, maybe?

Anonymous said...

When I was first married, I taught myself to shave with my Dad's largely unused straight razor.
Painful lessons, but, I got it.
Took me about 45 minutes, what with steam towel prep, and all.
But, usually, if I shave in the AM, need to do it again in the PM, if I'm going out and want to look 'nice'. (with a Bic, or Schick).
With the straight razor, I could go TWO DAYS w/o shaving - it was that close!
Gave it up when I decided the time was more important for other things.
Now I have a beard. And am divorced. Those items are not related.


Laura said...

my grandfather shaved with a straight until he died. and he shaved DRY.