Tuesday, October 7, 2014

So, on Bookface

An acquaintance posts one of those "Please pray for cousin Phillip" posts, and there is a picture of Phillip in a hospital gown with a lot of stitches and bruises on his face.

(this is a HS associate and won't be reading this blog, so, no harm can befall anyone.  Also, no real names.)

Phillip was a Samaritan that tried to break up a fight between strangers and ended up stopping a bottle of Jack Daniels with his face.  He's gonna be fine, except for some scarring.

But it brings up some CCW Self Defense related stuff.

When 'something goes down,' strapped or not, there is that deep down urge to help someone.  Especially an underdog getting beat on and hurt.  And then you come to the judgement and decision point on whether to intervene. 

While Never Get Involved in one of these situations is the usual conventional wisdom, there are times where you do.   You are certainly relinquishes control of your immediate future if you inject yourself into such a situation.

Damn that is fuzzy call to make, on the margins.  De-escalate and decamp is still the rule of thumb, naturally.  ANd it should be mucho rare-o to even have to choose, much less the tiny fraction where you choose to intervene for someone that you aren't responsible for.


Old NFO said...

You aren't superman... Unless it's a female or child, I'd say call 911.

Marty said...

I was in a Denny's once where a fight broke out. One guy was pounding on another. I didn't step in nor did anyone else, unless you count the guy that yelled, "Cops are here!! Cops. Here!" The guy that was doing the pounding stopped and ran. Interesting.