Monday, October 13, 2014

Defensive Ammo

Ok, since the 1986 Miami shootout the FBI made a standard to judge minimum performance of self-defense ammo.  We've been going over this in the gun blogosphere (again) since the FBI announced that maybe they didn't need the .40.

And, since the standard was set, I am betting the ammo makers were kinda thrilled.   While it would take work to meet the standard they could point to it and have it mean something.  "Acceptible to the FBI!"  Before that the ammo was... maybe good?  Or was it a gimmicking thing with a lotta marketing going for it?  Things that had explosives in the top or TRAC II razor blades (the first blade lifts and cuts...) or whatever

So, I am wondering...  What do the 'other' bullets look like.  Not the super gimmicky, but the standard older stuff.  What is the difference in minutest detail between HydraShok and HST?  What does 158 grain SWCHP lead bullets in .38 Spl. look like?  FMJ stuff is prolly going all the way through 2 feet of gelatin, but let's see how it does that.  How about .25ACP?  .44 magnum?  5.7FN?  I want that one comparison picture, but for everything.  Not because I want to choose a load out for myself.  I just want to know what they are all like.  Cuz I am geeky that way.

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