Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Gun Service

I've never sent a gun back to the factory before for service.  It feels kinda weird. 

I am looking to contact Springfield and get the ejector staked.  Something I guess they forgot to do when manufacturing the gun. 

I think it can be mailed.  And not FFLed and shipped.  But I will talk to the people at the contact number for Service before doing anything. 

Gonna look around for the case it came it.  Put THAT in a box.  Ship that.

I'm certainly insuring it. 


chuck w said...

You should pack the gun in its case and then in a box. Send it through UPS or FedEx, enclosing a letter with the specifics of the repair needed. They will return the gun to you, probably by FedEx, and you will have to go personally to the FedEx location and sign for the package. I have used this method with several of my Sigs when I sent them in for factory upgrades.

Angus McThag said...

You'll have to send it overnight with a common carrier (FedEx/UPS) unless you're an FFL because it's a handgun.

It's like $80 in shipping!

Unless Springfield will send you a shipping label.

Geodkyt said...

Luckily, shipping a gun to and from an FFL for repairs is one of teh cases where *you* don't have to have an FFL (under federal law; state law and company policies may differ) to get it back.