Monday, October 6, 2014

They still used cordite

Saw this at Tam's. 

Sumdood noticed cordite in the Indian .303 milsurp stuff.  He knocked the bullet out of a cartridge to reveal.

I was under the impression that cordite didn't make it much past the Great War, but apparently I was wrong.   Still being used in the mid 60s AND later.  "Production ceased in the United Kingdom, around the end of the 20th century"

Huh.  Learn something new every day.  Well, correct a previously 'learned' fact to make things more accurate and tidy in your head every day....

She also showed some rifle clips.  I am pleased the first thoughts that came to mine was JFK and Frog.  You see the Italians used those blunt ended long bullets that you see whenever they do JFK assassination stuff on the TeeVee.  And I knew the Lebel had very tapered cartridge cases.  So my guess was close enough.

Not so NEW Jovian Thunderbolt. 

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Old NFO said...

It's those 'random' pieces of knowledge we have squirreled away... :-)