Thursday, January 29, 2015


Just as a heads up, if my local government decides to start hassling me over my garbage and recycling so that I am getting fined, that's the last time I put garbage out in front of my house. It's getting dumped in the creek from that point on.

Technically they should hassle me.  I am not a 100% recycler of bottles and cans, just wash yer hands, just wash yer hands.  But no problem yet.  And the only thing I've seen our guys reject was piles of paint cans.  If you paint cans have no lids and nothing pours our then you are good.

Or just bury the can of paint one at a time in the center of the hefty bag.  What?  I bet they prefer that to pouring it down the storm drain.  They really just don't want their trucks to leak paint our the back.  That's all.

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