Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Where's your Leftist Messiah NOW?

After the Charlie Hebdo massacre normally reflexively anti-gun journos start to discover mixed feelings with the general idea of firearms in the workplace. To, you know, give themselves half a chance when terrists come for them. Maybe people DO have the right to self-defense...


Also, Lots of comments about the French licensed and built Mini-14s issues to the police there.  Mousqueton AMD.  Performs pretty like any 5.56 but cosmetically, yes, it does look less intimidating 'psychologically.'

If we, universally, swapped off all our Magpul furniture on every AR in the united states with nice burl walnut I bet we'd move the needle even more our direction. Something about nice wood that make hoplophobes less hoplophoby.

Though some are dubious of the accuracy of the Ruger product, I have found the ones I've shot more than adequate.  Especially for police distances, where a cop 'sniper' shot isn't usually 1000 yards.  More like 100.  I am sure LA cops responding to the initial scene would have loved to have had a few Mini-14s.  


B said...

Have owned three Mini-14's. One was a tackdriver, shot 1.25" all day long. another was adequate at 1.5".

THe other one was more like 5". Never could get that one to group worth a damn. I even tried handloading to tighten the groups.


LCB said...

Were any of them the early series, serial numbers that started with 181? The later series has a heavier barrel and is supposed to be more accurate.

Mine is a later series, but I haven't tried any long range shooting yet. Got a scope for Christmas and I'm anxious to giver her a try. So far my experience is that it shoots better than I can. :-)