Monday, January 19, 2015


Where does your firearm budget money go? I mean the biggest chunk. What do you have earmarked for 2015

Some people spend most of their money on guns. All of us had that at one time or another. For one thing, there was a time all of you had zero guns.

Some people will spend more on ammo than any other item. Great! Having fun? Getting some practice in? Competing?

Some will spend mostly on training. Also wonderful. And in most cases it will only edge your ammo budget by a little bit. What with the ammo you'll burn through in the class.

Others end up spending their money on ATF tax stamps... Well, maybe not. It not like there are many suppressors or machineguns going for under $200, and you spend on a stamp you are prolly spending on the other.

It struck me that I am on track to spend the lion's share of my 2015 gun money on smithing and smithing training. And I love it.

If Maryland was different I might have better opportunities to spend more on ammo and training.  Not that I can't go places for that, it's just harder.


Old NFO said...

AMMO!!! :-)

Mike W. said...

Hey, I'd say thats a good thing to spend your money on, because knowledge :)